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Beautiful Lake Keowee, South Carolina is one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire country. This lake has it all! From gorgeous scenery, cool waters, and plenty of space and shoreline to enjoy. Located in northwestern South Carolina just below the Blue Ridge Mtns., Keowee is a word taken from the Cherokee Native American language that loosely translates to "place of the mulberries." Centuries ago, the area that Lake Keowee spans today was once known as Keowee Town and was inhabited by the Cherokee. The lake was created by Duke Energy Company for power generation and drinking water. Today, Lake Keowee remains unspoiled and preserved and provides multiple services including endless fun lake recreation.

If you love the outdoors, plan your escape to Lake Keowee and book one of our Lake Keowee Vacation Rentals. Our team at 1st Choice Realty, Inc. are skilled in assisting you plan and shape your getaway vacation. You simply cannot imagine the lifestyle here. We are very lucky to live and play here each day and we know how to help you and your group make the most out of your time here. Let us show you the best Keowee Rentals, many of which are waterfront and in the best gated communities on the lake. Enjoy activities such as tennis, golf, boating, sailing, fishing, and of course, watersports while vacationing on Lake Keowee, South Carolina.

You might be thinking, "When is the best time to visit"? We've got you covered. Summer weekends are extremely popular and you are likely to see more boats and friends out on the lake, summer weekdays offer a chance for you and your group to spend a day out on the lake mostly unnoticed. A sharp contrast to the weekends, on the weekdays you will hardly see any boats at all go by on the water, and traffic is minimal. Of course, summers are the most popular season to enjoy Lake Keowee, but that does not mean that folks should not think about visiting during the other seasons. Fall is an excellent time for Lake Keowee Fishing, and the winters here are extremely mild and pleasant. If you'd like to get away from it all and truly enjoy the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, then book your trip now!

Click to learn about recreation on the lake and read about things like Lake Keowee Fishing, Lake Keowee Marina, the Beaches at Lake Keowee and all you need to know when planning a Lake Keowee Lake Get Away. There is simply nothing better than enjoy a day on the lake, anchored out on Lake Keowee in the summer. The scenery cannot be imagined and the cool water temperatures offer a cool break from the heat. Although, the heat is hardly ever a concern here, even in the warm months of summer, as Lake Keowee straddles an area in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns, and is known for its cooler, milder summers. Contact us to book your Keowee Rental!

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